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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) RSS feed -- Search Results in Hematology\Oncology. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

Dual Antithrombotic Therapy with Dabigatran after PCI in Atrial Fibrillation
01/01/70 - In determining the best approach for antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation who are undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), it can be difficult to balance the prevention of thrombosis with the risk of bleeding. Oral anticoagulation is indicated in patients with…

Triple Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation after PCI
01/01/70 - The management of atrial fibrillation in patients who have undergone percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for the treatment of coronary-artery disease is a common and difficult challenge. In patients with atrial fibrillation, oral anticoagulation is administered to reduce the risk of stroke. In…

Incidental Findings on Brain Imaging in the General Pediatric Population
01/01/70 - To the Editor: Incidentally discovered findings on brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in healthy persons pose medical and ethical considerations regarding management. The prevalence of incidental findings on brain MRI has been described in adult populations, but less is known about incidental…

Overall Survival with Combined Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Advanced Melanoma
01/01/70 - The treatment of advanced melanoma has improved considerably over the past 6 years. Ipilimumab, an anti?cytotoxic T-lymphocyte?associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) fully human monoclonal antibody, was the first systemic therapy to show prolonged overall survival among patients with advanced melanoma in…

Tragedy, Perseverance, and Chance ? The Story of CAR-T Therapy
01/01/70 - In 2010, 5-year-old Emily Whitehead was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Though her parents were told that if you had to have a kid with cancer, ALL was the best one to have, Emily?s course was hardly typical. After two rounds of chemotherapy, necrotizing fasciitis developed in…

Obinutuzumab for the First-Line Treatment of Follicular Lymphoma
01/01/70 - The combination of the anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody rituximab with chemotherapy has significantly improved outcomes in patients with newly diagnosed follicular lymphoma. The use of rituximab maintenance therapy after induction is associated with a median progression-free survival of 6 to 8 years…

The Other End of the Stethoscope
01/01/70 - I receive a call from my father. His voice heavy and calm, he says my name as I pick up the phone. Am I someplace where I can talk? There is news, unfortunately. A mass. He speaks with the same quiet reserve and scientific openness to fact that have made him a good physician. There is courage, I…

Which Anti-CD20 Antibody Is Better in Follicular Lymphoma?
01/01/70 - Rituximab changed the treatment of patients with follicular lymphoma. When added to standard chemotherapy regimens, it increased the response rate and the complete remission rate. Rituximab has often been administered as maintenance therapy after a remission that was induced either by single-agent…

Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Gene Therapy for Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy
01/01/70 - Adrenoleukodystrophy is an X-linked genetic disease that is caused by a defect in the gene ABCD1 (ATP-binding cassette, subfamily D, member 1), which encodes the peroxisomal ABC half-transporter ALD protein. Mutations in ABCD1 result in abnormal breakdown of very-long-chain fatty acids, a process…

Optimizing Treatment for Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy in the Era of Gene Therapy
01/01/70 - Adrenoleukodystrophy is a peroxisomal metabolic disorder that can be manifested by rapidly progressive cerebral demyelination (known as cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy) in affected boys and men. Untreated cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy causes severe disability or death approximately 2 years after its…

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