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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) RSS feed -- Search Results in Allergy\Immunology. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

Case 32-2017: A 64-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea, Wheezing, Headache, Cough, and Night Sweats
01/01/70 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Amulya Nagarur: A 64-year-old man was evaluated in the emergency department of this hospital because of dyspnea, wheezing, headaches, cough, and night sweats. Approximately 6 years before this presentation, the patient had received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, which had…

Case 30-2017: A 65-Year-Old Woman with Altered Mental Status, Bacteremia, and Acute Liver Failure
01/01/70 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Alexandra J. Coromilas (Medicine): A 65-year-old woman with autoimmune hepatitis and acute liver failure was transferred to this hospital for an evaluation for liver transplantation. The patient had been in her usual state of health until 6 years before this admission,…

Food Allergy
01/01/70 - Foreword. This Journal feature begins with a case vignette highlighting a common clinical problem. Evidence supporting various strategies is then presented, followed by a review of formal guidelines, when they exist. The article ends with the authors? clinical recommendations. Stage. An 18-year-old…

Case 28-2017: A 13-Month-Old Girl with Pneumonia and a 33-Year-Old Woman with Hip Pain
01/01/70 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Virginia M. Pierce: A 13-month-old girl was admitted to this hospital because of pneumonia. Nine days before admission, fever and vomiting developed in the child. The vomiting resolved after 2 days, but fever (with a maximum temperature of 39.7°C) continued, and the child…

Mepolizumab for Eosinophilic Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
01/01/70 - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common disease characterized by progressive airflow obstruction, chronic inflammation in the lungs, and the occurrence of persistent symptoms and acute exacerbations. Up to 40% of patients with COPD have an eosinophilic phenotype, defined as a…

Severe and Difficult-to-Treat Asthma in Adults
01/01/70 - Patients with severe asthma make up only 3% to 10% of the population of adults with asthma, but their care is estimated to account for more than 60% of the costs associated with asthma, which are primarily for medications. Health care costs per patient for severe asthma are higher than those for…

Tezepelumab in Adults with Uncontrolled Asthma
01/01/70 - Asthma affects an estimated 315 million people worldwide, of whom approximately 70% have moderate-to-severe disease (Global Initiative for Asthma [GINA] step 3 to 5). In many of these patients, asthma can be controlled by increasing the dose of inhaled glucocorticoids. However, in some patients,…

Moving Upstream ? Anti-TSLP in Persistent Uncontrolled Asthma
01/01/70 - At least 15% of patients with asthma have a poor response to standard therapy with inhaled glucocorticoids and long-acting bronchodilators. Even after nonadherence to treatment and inadequate inhalation technique are addressed, a substantial percentage of patients continue to have frequent…

All That Wheezes?
01/01/70 - Foreword. In this Journal feature, information about a real patient is presented in stages (boldface type) to an expert clinician, who responds to the information, sharing his or her reasoning with the reader (regular type). The authors? commentary follows. Stage. A 20-year-old woman presented to…

IgG Endopeptidase in Highly Sensitized Patients Undergoing Transplantation
01/01/70 - Although renal transplantation is considered to be the treatment of choice for patients with end-stage renal disease, rates of transplantation remain low among patients with high levels of preformed anti-HLA antibodies. In such cases, the immunologic barrier, which is linked to an increased risk of…

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