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The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) RSS feed -- Search Results in Emergency Medicine. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

Case 12-2017 ? A 34-Year-Old Man with Nephropathy
01/01/70 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Daniel H. Katz (Medicine): A 34-year-old man with hearing impairment was admitted to this hospital because of worsening renal function. The patient had been well until approximately 11 weeks before this admission, when subjective fevers with sweats, fatigue, decreased…

Delays in Emergency Care and Mortality during Major U.S. Marathons
01/01/70 - Preparation for large public events frequently involves road closures, an increase in emergency medical services, and interventions to ensure participant safety. In some instances, such as marathons, these changes may have unintended health consequences for nonparticipants. For example, widespread…

Acute Spinal Cord Compression
01/01/70 - Acute compression of the spinal cord is a devastating but treatable disorder. Diseases that cause acute spinal cord compression constitute a special category because they originate in the spinal column and narrow the spinal canal. This review addresses the disorders that account for most instances…

Two-Year Outcome after Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke
01/01/70 - We reported previously the 90-day outcomes of a trial (Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial of Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke in the Netherlands [MR CLEAN]) in which standard treatment was compared with endovascular treatment, administered within 6 hours after the onset of acute…

The Maternal Health Compact
01/01/70 - In a rural Minnesota town with fewer than 5000 residents, an 18-year-old woman with a term pregnancy goes into labor in a hospital that performs about 75 deliveries per year. Her pregnancy has been uncomplicated, but chorioamnionitis develops during labor and she undergoes a primary cesarean…

Thirty Miles at Sea ? Providing Consistent Care in an Inconsistent Environment
01/01/70 - Small community hospitals throughout the United States are facing threats including low volume, declining reimbursements, and staffing challenges. Nantucket Cottage Hospital, a 19-bed facility and one of the smallest hospitals in Massachusetts, must also navigate the complexity of operating on an…

Case 10-2017 ? A 6-Month-Old Boy with Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Abdominal Pain
01/01/70 - Presentation of Case. Dr. Akash Gupta (Medicine and Pediatrics): A 6-month-old boy was seen in the emergency department of this hospital because of gastrointestinal bleeding and abdominal pain. The patient had been in his usual state of health until 2 days before presentation, when his parents…

Under Pressure
01/01/70 - A 61-year-old man presents to the emergency department with shortness of breath and cough. Earlier that morning, he had sudden onset of dyspnea and tightness in his chest. The chest tightness had resolved, but he continued to feel short of breath. He reported no fevers but did have a productive cough.

Kaposi?s Sarcoma of the Oral Cavity
01/01/70 - Figure 1.

Tumbu Fly Larvae
01/01/70 - Figure 1.

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